Call for nominations: SoPS@UCLA leadership election

The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars at UCLA (SoPS) is calling for nominations of current postdoctoral researchers to the SoPS leadership board. We need help and new ideas to continue to bring interesting, relevant, and exciting events to the UCLA postdoctoral researcher community. Please nominate yourself or someone else before June 18!!!

As an academic advisory group to UCLA Graduate Division, we are tasked to identify possible ways to improve postdoctoral researcher’s experience at UCLA. The organization is run by volunteer postdocs who meet monthly and plan events to inform, network, and assist the postdoctoral researcher community. We receive a generous annual stipend from Graduate Division ($10,000 for 2013-14) which the SoPS Executive Board collectively decides how to spend. Please note, you must have an active postdoc appointment during the July 2014 – June 2015 Executive Board Term if you are interested to participate officially in the election.

Please continue to read about our organization and the benefits of volunteering in the attached document; the text was taken from two pages on our new website we’re launching June 22!

The annual SoPS election occurs in June or July to fill the following positions:

Chief Technical Officer
Secretary and Treasurer
Advocacy committee
Career Development committee
Communications committee
Entrepreneurship and business development committee
External affairs committee
Social committee

While this opportunity involves volunteering precious free time, the time commitment is small and the opportunities to learn and grow professionally are numerous. In order to nominate an individual for the annual SoPS election, please respond to this email and tell us (1) the name and department of the individual, (2) what position (if any) the individual is being nominated for, and (3) a short description of why this individual is interested to be involved. If you do not have a specific position to suggest or have questions about the committees, please talk with the current leadership (email and we can answer all your questions.

More information in the attached flyer.


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