Cedars-Sinai Postdoctoral Research Associate

The posted position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Kate Lawrenson.  Dr. Lawrenson’s laboratory focuses on ovarian cancer and the role of the non-coding genome in cancer susceptibility,  initiation and development.  Her research is directed towards elucidating the functional roles of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in disease biology, and using ‘ big data’ to identify lncRNAs that may be prognostic biomarkers or novel therapeutic targets for ovarian cancer.  This position will be expected to perform complex experiments over the 5 year period of the Fellowship, and by year five submit independent publications, apply for independing funding, mentor and teach, and under the direction of the PI create and complete independent research projects.

The successful candidate will be expected to participate in research as part of a team, under the direction of Dr. Lawrenson.  S/he should have a basic knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology, and be compliant with institution standards for safety.  This person must be well organized and be able to support the objectives of one or more laboratory research projects of the team.  They will regularly interact with specialists from other disciplines within the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute, and across Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  S/He will be required to regularly present their work before colleagues and participate in outside scientific presentations. Development plans specific to the Post Doctoral Position will ensure a path for development and growth as they move professionally toward a position as a research scientist.

Interested applicants please email Kate Lawrenson: kate.lawrenson@cshs.org