Faculty position in Microbiome Research

This post is intended for researchers that would be interested in applying for a tenure-track faculty position in Microbiome Research in the Department of Biological Sciences at Auburn University. As chair of the search committee, if you or other promising scientists are interested in applying for this position please see the official job ad here:


In case you are not familiar with Auburn University, this is the land grant university for the State of Alabama with many and diverse academic units (http://www.auburn.edu/academic/auweb_academicprograms.html) including a College of Veterinary Medicine and a recently opened private College of Osteopathic Medicine. Located in the small college town of Auburn, and with access to the Atlanta metropolitan area and airport, the quality of life is excellent with a low cost of living, a nationally ranked public school system, and in most cases an exceptionally short commute! Auburn University has often been rated very highly for its policies and experience for junior faculty (http://wireeagle.auburn.edu/news/253), and the Department of Biological Sciences in particular is known for its strong tradition of supporting and mentoring junior faculty. Tenure expectations are reasonable and there is a good balance between research and teaching loads (most faculty teach one course per semester, and certainly for this position it would be expected that this would be 1 upper-level class per semester). We have a strong program in microbiology, with the microbiology major being a leading major in Biological Sciences, with over 50 faculty in microbiology disciplines across campus, and the Host-Microbial Interactions research group (http://www.auburn.edu/academic/cosam/departments/biology/dbs_core_areas/hmi_core_area/) one of the four core research areas in the Department of Biological Sciences. The successful faculty candidate would be able to interact with colleagues in many departments with interests in informatics, as an example there is an annual bioinformatics bootcamp organized by faculty in this department (http://www.auburn.edu/cosam/bioinformatics/), and we have multiple supercomputers that are available for faculty and student use.