Nerd Nite — Octopus Arms, Our Tongue, Juggling, and Quantum Physics

For the next Nerd Nite event on Tuesday, February 10th at 7PM at the Mint on Pico Blvd we have TWO postdoc speakers — Dr. Jean Alupay of USC and Dr. Puck Rombach of UCLA. Jean will present “Eight is enough? The wonders of octopus arms and their relation to our tongue” while Puck will talk on “Juggling & Quantum Physics.” Very limited seating is available for LA-area postdocs at Jean’s booth. If you’re interested, read on.

Nerd Nite is a monthly event featuring fun talks tailored for a general audience and presented in a relaxed and casual atmosphere (full event description). Event tickets ($10) can be purchased though the event website which also includes summaries of this month’s presentations.

Jean has generously offered to seat a small number of LA-area postdocs at her six person booth. Note that you will be responsible for purchasing your own tickets from the event website as well as any food and drink. To inquire about this opportunity, please contact SoPS Outreach Co-chair Anjie Zhen at azhen at mednet dot ucla dot edu. Note that entrance tickets for this event sometimes sell out.

We’re also looking for postdocs interested in speaking at future Nerd Nite events. If this could be you, write us at outreach at postdoc dot ucla dot edu with a 2-3 sentence summary of your proposed topic.