Postdoc in neuropsychology or cognitive neuroscience

Full-TIME SCIENTIST POSITION (POSTDOC) AND A PHD-CANDIDATE (DOCTOR. STUDENT) POSITION are available in the field of neuropsychology or cognitive neuroscience. The Postdoc is as a group leader position to direct research on visual system plasticity and rehabilitation. We develop and test new methods of vision diagnostics and treatment to achieve vision restoration in patients with visual field loss after damage to the optic nerve or brain (stroke) combined with brain connectivity analyses (EEG and MRI). The position comes with a technician and a doctoral student.

We are an interdisciplinary and international team of psychologist, biologists and software engineers working in an exciting field of neuroscience aimed at treating blindness by means of modifying brain plasticity. We use vision training and non-invasive brain stimulation procedures to enhance residual vision ( We offer a cooperative and productive working environment and provide support for continued education, participation in international conferences and research cooperation within a European network activity.

You have a doctoral degree (Masters degree for PhD Students) m psychology, cognitive neuroscience or related field with prior publication experience, and a burning desire to succeed in academia. Magdeburg is a nice midsize town located 1.5 hr. south of Berlin. Please send applications to Prof Bernhard A. Sabel at: