Postdoc PUB Night

After a long dry spell the Postdoc PUB night is back with a bang.

What : Postdoc PUB Night
When: 5th of September 2014 Friday, 5:00 PM onwards
Where: Napa Valley grills patio, 1100 Glendon Ave #100, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Why: Socializing

California being under drought let us all save water and drink beers and wines for a evening. Just kidding, well this event is an awesome way to meet other postdocs (some new ones in the house too).

Vent or Brag over beer, whine or shine after wine, but in the end some good company and having a great time is what matters. By the way we have been able to convince the Napa Valley Grills to have happy hour for the whole duration of the event which means some beers and wine for $4 and great cocktails and food at happy prices.

So see you all there and lets have a blast as evident from the picture:


Special thanks to Dr. Sunayan Ray (Sunny) for organizing pub night and writing this entertaining summary.

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