Postdoctoral Fellow, Bone Biology

Job Description

We are seeking applicants for a Postdoctoral Fellow position in the laboratory of Dr. Aaron James, within the Departments of Pathology and Orthopaedics at Johns Hopkins University.  Close collaboration will be with the research group of Tom Clemens, Vice Chair for Research in Orthopaedics and past editor of JBMR.  Current research areas include: (1) defining the contribution of the peripheral nervous system in bone formation, pathology, and repair, and (2) the application of blood vessel wall resident MSC for bone tissue regeneration.

Interested candidates should send a CV, list of references, and contact information. The PI will be present at the Annual ASBMR meeting.

Job Requirements

Candidates with experience in the field of bone biology and repair are preferred.  Experience in the radiographic, histologic, and tissue culture based study of bone formation, along with cell & molecular biology, and mouse handling.

Contact:  Aaron W. James, MD, PhD