Entrepreneurship and business development

The purpose of our committee is to familiarize scientists & engineers with the business aspect of research. Since most scientists and engineers do not have business experience, our goal is to bring academic inventors and business people closer through organizing and advertising various educational seminars and social events.

To bridge the gap between science and business, we focus on the following three avenues:

  • Facilitate science and business collaboration – We host events to help create dialogue between academia and business.
  • Share intellectual expertise – We work with various groups and organizations to help them address problems and evaluate ideas that require expert scientific insight. Our technical and conceptual knowledgebase spans a variety of scientific disciplines.
  • Train emerging entrepreneurs – We host seminars that introduce scientists and entrepreneurs to various aspects of the business of science & technology. Topics include intellectual property, technology transfer, start-ups, venture capital and more.

If you are interested to contact the Enterpreneurship & Business Development Committee, please contact us.