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  • Roommates needed May 3rd (Culver City)

    I work as a postdoc at UCLA and I am looking to share my apartment in Culver City with fun and friendly people for six months or more. I am 28, quiet, clean and easy to get along with.

    There are two rooms on offer. Both are unfurnished, and each has a large window and a built-in closet. They share a bathroom between them. The smaller is going for $650/month and the larger for $700/month.

    The apartment has a large open-plan living space, complete with full kitchen and small balcony, and is in a quiet neighbourhood close to Ralph's, LA Fitness and… Yogurtland! Two parking spaces are assigned to the apartment and the building has a laundry room on site. Note that I have no furniture yet, so your stuff is welcome! Pets are welcome too.

    The deposit is one month's rent and the lease would be for six months then month-to-month. Utilities are around $35 per month. Move-in would ideally be the weekend of May 3rd.

    Please get in touch to arrange a viewing. I am free most evenings and all weekend -- finding cool roommates is my first priority!

    Posted by: simongentle
    Created on April 24, 2014 - 2:04pm
    expires on May 24, 2014 - 2:03pm (4 weeks 1 day)

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