How to post Classified Ads on the UCLA SoPS Website

Creating content on the SoPS website is straightforward and only requires SoPS membership.
Utilizing this information (and sharing this link with other SoPS members!) helps SoPS keep the community informed about job postings inside and outside of UCLA as well as moving sales, share/trade, requests, apartment/house rentals, etc...

1) Login into the SoPS website:
2) Click on the green "create content" link that appears after you login.
3) Click on the "Classified Ad" option.
4) Currently there are several categories for classified ads:
i) Opportunities Outside UCLA for PhDs
ii) Positions at UCLA for PhDs
iii) For Sale or Rent
iv) Looking to Share
v) Want to Buy or Rent
5) Choose a category and fill out the required information (these are indicated by the red asterisk). NOTE:
Ads for commercial products and services are NOT allowed.
6) There are a number of advanced options that allow you to embed google maps or to upload documents
that are then made available for download. Feel free to experiment and to “Preview” your posting before
final submission.
7) Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to post your ad!

Important notes about classified ad postings:
1) Ads automatically time-out and are hidden from the site. This occurs after 60 days for opportunities
outside UCLA and after 90 for opportunities at UCLA.
2) The poster can see a list of all their ad postings under "My Profile" once logged in. You can remove or
renew old ads for another 60/90 days as desired from your profile page.
3) An email is sent one week before the post expires, giving the details and enough time to extend the
post if desired.

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