SoPS-Comm Meeting 5 - August 2, 2006

Venue: Kerckhoff Patio, Noon -1:10pm.
Attendees: QL, SMB, KP, Anne Simon (AFS), KP, SN, GPD, AG, Akila Shanmugam (AS).

--- Topics Revisited from Previous Meetings and Events:
* SoPS-Comm members revisited the neutral position of SoPS on the issue of unionization and it was decided that direct communications would be made through this committee on this matter.
* SN would test out a new web-form module to be utilized as a survey tool (as per June 28 meeting)
* Career Info session on statistics to be on back burner until more important events are completed between now and November.

--- Main Discussion
* AFS suggested the possibility of making a version of the postdoc cheat-sheet on magnets on a small budget.
* The possibility of having an optional mentorship program for new postdocs was also discussed as a possibility for the future.
* It was decided that a two-part series on immigration information for international postdocs will be held between now and november. The first part of the two would be a joint panel from UCLA (OISS) and their recommended law firm - addressing issues on switching visas for current postdocs. (Webcast for future postdocs?) The second part of the series will consist of an info-session on the green-card process by the firm that spoke on the issue through SoPS over a year ago. AFS would be the main contact for the second part. SN reminded that these events should not clash with the planned career event in mid Sept. Tentative date for first session set as late Sept to mid Oct. And second one a week after the first.
* AG suggested that an info-session on healthcare options be held. QL and SMB pointed out that there are many differences in available options between departments. SMB has followed up with information on events organzied by the office of UC health plans. This info to be communicated to postdoc committee. If further need is felt, SoPS will organize additional event targeted towards postdocs.

--- Actionable Items
* AG would contact OISS (susequently Wolfsdorff) regarding setting up an info-session about Immigration for Postdocs
* After the date for UCLA seminar is decided, AFS would set a date with the immigration law firm for a special green-card related information session.
* Once dates are decided, venue and time will be decided.