Getting Around

General Ideas

Use your BruinCard to get discounts on buses. See more about buses below.

Get a BruinGO Flashpass so that you don’t need quarters! (Big Blue buses and Culver City buses)

GO Metro program

Need a car temporarily? Sign up for a Zipcar

Tired of driving? Hop in a vanpool

Don’t feel safe walking around at night? Call (310) 794-WALK

Too lazy to walk - take a campus shuttle

FlyAway Bus Service to LAX



Los Angeles is the city of the car. This is mainly due to the fact that it is so huge! Public transport is available between some popular destinations (see below) but if you want flexiblity you will need a car.

If you do not hold a CA driving licence you should probably read the Driver’s Handbook.

Although international driver's licences are valid, Insurance companies may not cover you if you don't have a California licence (and if they do they might charge you more!). You can take a test at the DMV centers in Culver City or Santa Monica. You will need to take the written test (read the Driver's Handbook first) to get a temporary licence then take the practical test.

Click on Car Guide for more information.


Most of the city buses have bike racks. Just hope that there aren’t already two bikers on the bus.

Big Blue Bus

The Big Blue Bus has a fairly extensive service within Santa Monica and parts of LA. For example, you can take one bus from UCLA all the way to LAX. With a Bruin Card, the ride is 25 cents. Because the price is relatively cheap (normal fare is 75 cents) they don’t offer day-passes, but you can get a transfer to another Big Blue Bus or another city bus line. Note that if you need to get off of the bus for some reason and want to get back onto the same line, the transfer is not accepted. (It’s only good for transfer to a different line). Also note that during the summer quarter, the discount with Bruin Card is no longer effective. More maps and information on the website.


If you know you will use the bus everyday, try getting a quarterly bus pass online from the UCLA transportation office – BruinGO Flashpass. Currently $22.50, this will save you using up quarters everyday and may save you a little money. You can buy them online or get the money taken from your pay check (tax-sheltered), collect from the transportation office or get them mailed to you. You can still get a flashpass for the summer quarter and so can avoid paying the regular fee (see above).

Culver City Bus

Mainly the number 6 CCB line serves UCLA and goes south on Sepulveda Blvd.

BruinGO flashpass (See above) is also valid for culver city buses.

Metro Bus and Rail

GO Metro program


Bike Safety

California has strict rules for cyclists. You should read the DMV cycling pages for more information:

Commuting by Bike

Biking in LA is not as dangerous as people seem to think as long as you pick your route carefully. Also it beats the traffic and tends to be faster than the bus. If you want to find a safe bike route there is a great website which will give you the safest route from your door to wherever you want to go...check it out!

Buying a Bike

In terms of buying a bike you can pick up a second hand one from a cool little shop on Pico and either Main or 3rd street in Santa Monica (can’t remember which!) for around $80, a new bike from Sportmart from around $200-$1000 or for better bikes check out Helen’s cycles in Westwood on Gayley for bikes from around $400 to whatever you want to spend!

More ideas in shopping section.

Ride Share

Visit the UCLA transportation office for information on Vanpools - UCLA runs a great Vanpool system if you live further from campus. There are also incentives for carpooling.


If you live in Westwood it is possible to survive without transportation by using local stores and walking to campus. Please see the WestwoodGuide for more information about stores. If you have more information about walking then please edit the ByFoot page.


Taxis are not cheap on your own but they can be economical if you are a group. Be very careful about illegal taxis. Check this site for more information about taxis: