University Housing Eligibility

Postdoctoral Scholars are eligible to reside in University Apartments (Family Student Housing, Mixed-Use Housing, and Single Graduate Housing). However as University Housing is extremely limited, Postdoctoral Scholars are not guaranteed a space.

Applying for University Housing

In order to apply for University Housing, you will need to complete the online Housing Services application and pay a non-refundable application fee. Select Family Housing Application or Single Graduate Housing Application as appropriate.

You must be a current UCLA Postdoctoral Scholar with a university ID number to apply. Your status must also be verified by Housing Services. To begin the application process you will use your Bruin Online (BOL) account user name and password to log on to the application form and request the specific terms in which you are seeking housing.

Once you have successfully applied, you will be placed on a waitlist and may be offered future housing depending on availability.

University Housing Assignment Process

After demand for housing among eligible enrolled students is met, Housing Services will offer housing to Postdoctoral Scholars through the end of a term (terms end on June 30). Depending on a Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment dates, the scholar may be eligible to renew for the following term as well.

Please be aware that when selecting University Apartments as a housing choice, Postdoctoral Scholars applying to move in during June – September should not expect a housing offer, and if offered housing, an offer may not occur until as late as October or November. Postdoctoral Scholars may need to make other housing arrangements.

Note: Academic Services assists in verification of Postdoctoral Scholar appointments but Housing Services has sole discretion in determining housing eligibility. Administrators and Principal Investigators should not guarantee University Housing as a term of employment to Postdoctoral Scholars. Housing decisions for Postdoctoral Scholars are always subject to approval by Housing Services.

University Housing Rental Policies

If awarded a University Housing allocation, Postdoctoral Scholars should be aware of the following policy with regard to maximum rental time:

XIII. MAXIMUM TENANCY IN FAMILY AND MIXED USE HOUSING: The University may limit the amount of time that Tenant may occupy the premises and shall serve Tenant with a Termination of Tenancy notice when said time is exceeded. The maximum length of occupancy is seven (7) years, but the University may terminate the Agreement prior to that time.

The seven year maximum tenancy listed above is cumulative, and does not re-set if an occupant’s status changes. In other words, a fourth year undergraduate might move in, stay in the apartment as he/she begins a doctoral program at UCLA, then stay for the beginning of a post-doctoral appointment. The total length of stay may not exceed seven years. The student’s change in status, in this case, from undergraduate, to graduate, and to the post-doctoral scholar, does not re-set his/her maximum length of stay.

See Housing, Rates, Contracts, and Handbooks for more information.

Off-Campus Housing Options

The Community Housing Office (CHO) has free Public Listings available for roommates needed/wanted and short-term sublets. Postdoctoral Scholars are considered UCLA Affiliates and are eligible to purchase a CHO membership. Members may view all Vacant Listings, which include apartments, studios, guest homes, homes, condominiums and rooms in private homes. For more information, please visit the Community Housing Office website.

Additional Information

For additional information about housing for Postdoctoral Scholars please visit the Ask Housing website to find FAQ on housing-related matters or review Apartment and Housing Resources handout.

For more information on apartment eligibility please visit the General Eligibility and Proof of Eligibility requirements page for Postdoctoral Scholars.

Information on this website regarding postdoctoral scholar benefits are based on the previous UAW Bargaining Contract [ratified on 10/17/16]. For the most current information, please refer to the recently ratified contract: