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Resources for improving Postdoctoral Scholar and Faculty Mentor relations, such as a compact with the roles and responsibilities for Mentors and Scholars, a research/career development plan to be created between both parties, and an annual evaluation necessary for the reappointment of Scholars.

Compact Between Postdoctoral Scholars & Faculty Mentors

Articulates the roles and responsibilities of both the Postdoctoral Scholar and Faculty Mentor.

UCLA Core Competencies

Fall 2021 Professional Development Event Calendar

Professional Development Workshop Presentations

Watch various workshop videos and resources for both academic and non-academic jobs

Individual Development Plan (IDP) Best Practices & Tools for Postdocs & Faculty

Provides best practices and online tools for STEM and Social Sciences/Humanities IDPs.

Postdoctoral Scholar Annual Evaluation

Provides feedback on the scholar’s progress and an assessment of the scholar’s overall performance.

Research/Career Development Plan & Periodic Evaluation

For Postdoctoral Scholars use in developing short-term and long-term goals as well as to define career aspirations.


Postdoc Academy
The Postdoc Academy is a comprehensive online and in-person program built on the National Postdoctoral Association core competencies to support skill development throughout postdoc training, from orientation to next career step.


National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)
The NCFDD is a nationally-recognized, virtual faculty development center serving over 80,000 members from over 450 colleges and universities in the United States. The NCFDD provides training, mentoring, and supportive communities for faculty, graduate students, and postdocs. Their programs and services help to increase writing productivity, maintain work-family balance, and create broad networks of collegiate support on their campus. UCLA has an institutional membership that makes it free to all UCLA campus members including faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars.


Handshake is UCLA’s online career management platform where employers post jobs, internships, postdocs, and fellowships. This is where postdocs can sign up for career-related events, info sessions, and recruitment opportunities.

NPA Career Center

On the NPA Career Center, postdocs can search and receive alerts every time a job becomes available that matches their personal profile, skills, interests, and preferred location(s). They also have a Career Resources Page, including “A Postdoc’s Guide to the Postdoc Timeline” professional development guide.