UCLA Policy & Procedures Reminders for Postdocs

Periodically, we talk to some of UCLA’s experts on policy and procedures for postdoctoral appointments. Here is some advice they offer to help your UCLA postdoctoral training period go smoothly!

  • Career coaches frequently encourage people to demonstrate their enthusiasm and attitude toward new endeavors by volunteering their time to projects and organizations that are important to them. This is great advice — but it is also important to remember the value of your time and expertise as you grow into your new career. For postdoctoral scholars, this is especially true, as you have worked hard to be compensated appropriately for all the value you add to the scholarly endeavors you participate in. Before accepting any additional opportunities outside of your current job duties, discuss with your faculty mentor!
  • Many postdoctoral scholars move residences at least once during their training period at UCLA. If you have moved since you started your first postdoc appointment, please make sure to update your address with various campus offices and websites to ensure you remain in contact! Some important places to update your contact information are: your department’s HR personnel, your union, and the UCPath Portal. (UCPath will update your information with your UC PSBP insurance providers.)
  • Don’t resign your postdoc position without informing your faculty mentor and department’s HR personnel. It is customary to notify your faculty mentor of your intent to resign your appointment with at least two weeks’ notice. Prior to your resignation date, you may be asked to assist tying up any loose ends in the lab and you should schedule an appointment with your department’s HR personnel to complete any final paperwork, return keys and equipment, etc.

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